pretentious obscurantism

it may be that he lacks an audience because (he's lackadasical?) he enjoys irreverence (and word play leading to repetitive redundancy and parenthetic distraction) so much he may appear to present as some form of pretentious obscurantism... or perhaps he is merely misunderstood... but he does wander into wonder a lot and can easily be distracted by almost anything, even squirrels... and there are those profoundly meaningless questions that come to mind like why are brits afraid to smile... of course meaninglessness, like pretentious obscurantism (and the squirrel), is in the mind of the beholder... what one chooses to believe is what becomes real to one, after all... and in the end (on abbey road or anywhere), everything is always a matter of perspective and opinion... except what we know for sure, that is... but don't mind him, when last seen he was looking for empirical evidence of his own existence...

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