I Wish

I wish I could explain to people what I understand about the way they hurt each other with their own two hands and how they hurt themselves just wants me to stay far away but still I want to share with someone... almost every day I wish people were not so similar to cancer if you see the big picture we don't seem to have a soul our relationship with the host that keeps us all alive is like a virus that has gone out of control We want infinite growth within a finite system refusing to see the obvious lack of logic in our plan from the environment t the economy we ignore our own entropy the fatal flaw in humanity is the progress of man What we call progress is mostly self-destruction and we create so many distractions to avoid the truth Entertainment, drugs, and gambling all in mass production chasing dreams as viable as the fountain of youth I wish someone would see what I see, know what I know, feel the alarm I wish someone would take their head up out of the sand I wish someone would share honesty without pretense or self-harm I wish I could explain to people what I understand