God People

This one is for the God people...

I don’t understand how you justify your war
To me you are pretending or just keeping score
in some game that is madness
a madness you just seem to ignore

As you pretend it’s OK with a wink and a nod
And ignoring the hypocrisy of holding up God
As the reason you’re fighting and killing and dying
Anyone with real courage would admit they are lying
For a good man lives love and does not make misery

The most courageous man makes peace with his enemy

I don't understand how you justify your hate
To me you are just afraid to be awake
as you pretend all the death and destruction is ok
justified by your God as the only way

A God of love knows hate is the enemy
And God knows you are lying when you claim glory
In death and destruction of the symmetry
That you say God created as far as you say see
as if it was made just you...
the world is not just for you or me